Osiris Syndicate Inc. is a multinational private defense contractor specializing in threat analysis, asset protection and security services. We employ ex. Law enforcement and ex. Military into our elite security clientele, specializing in a multitude of risk-analysis and prevention programs. We are dedicated to providing the best protection services for you, your loved ones, and your private property, even in the highest of risk areas.Read More →

Osiris Syndicate Inc. is Actively recruiting new members! If you are interested, please join our Teamspeak at [ ts.osirissyndicate.us ]. mature players only. I am looking to form a squad, (or two) to play ArmA. If interested. Please send me a message.   Bach “Joker” YachmooRead More →

OSI RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR OPERATORS: 1. Absolutely no team killing, under any condition. 2. No discharging, or firing of any ordinance at the MOB. (unless at the shooting range/rifles and small arms only) 3. There will be no disrespect of any kind, especially so when attributed to race, gender, and religion. 4. There will be no destroying of Osiris Syndicate equipment, Those who do so will be dealt with by management. 5. Maturity is the standard, everyone will act like adults. Failure to do so will have you removed. 6. If you don’t know what is going on, ask anyone in a management role. 7.Read More →